Mount Piper Area Coal Mine Haul Road

Due to a planned expansion of coal mining operations in the area, the mine operator proposed the construction of a new 1.5km long haul road linking the mine to a new coal wash facility. The road comprised a 10m wide rural road to carry B-doubles, carrying up to 5 million tonnes per year. The route of the haul road is a complex route constrained by existing mine storage/ treatment dams, creeks, a highway, floodplain and a future coal freight rail link.

Diversi Consulting were engaged to evaluate two route options including the concept design of each road option. This involved an evaluation of the stormwater drainage, flood assessments (for a 20km2 catchment), weir and spillway requirements for each of the three large dams (150ML to 500ML). The concept designs also included bridges, up to 120m long, and the major culverts over the highway, floodplain and local roads.

As a result of the engagement, Diversi Consulting was able to optimise a preferred route which minimised earthworks; future operational noise on the local community; minimised works on existing dams and reduced the length and size of the bridge and culverts required.